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Fundamental reconstruction of Hemodynamic laboratory and housing capacity for dogs, rabbits, cats and NHP which was started last year finishes in 2017.

Laboratory of Tissue Culture works on setting up Ames test by micro-fluctuation method. The method is supposed to be validated in the end of 2017.

The seminar on preclinical evaluation (drugs, biological, medical devices) intended for scientific and professional public with the following topics was held:

  • The role of preclinical toxicology in the process of pharmaceutical and biotech development
  • The role of GxP
  • Types of preclinical studies
  • Differences in requirements for preclinical evaluation of small molecules, biological and medical devices - Preclinical support of clinical trials and marketing authorization
  • The role of CRO and communication between CRO and the clients

International Clinical Research Center, Brno, Czech Republic
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – Center for Development of Original Drugs - Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Prague

Center of Transfer of Biomedical Technologies - Faculty Hospital Hradec Kralove, Hradec Kralove

Biomedical Cluster of the SkolkovoFoundation, Moscow, Russia

Two-day seminar “Introduction to preclinical toxicology” including case studies held for Sanofi Generics

Lectures “Preclinical toxicology – an important part of drug development” and “Preclinical Toxicology – its relevance to clinical trials”
Centre for Development of Original Drugs, Summer school, Prague, September 2017

Internal education program 2017