MediTox s.r.o.


…You are inventing; we are able to move your thoughts in the right direction. Let´s work together…

MediTox s.r.o. is a GLP-certified CRO dedicated to non-clinical research and development, having experience in variety of compounds and therapeutic areas, with experts and associates team capable to conduct a number of exploratory, POC and regulatory experiments in full compliance to GLP standards and in compliance to international guidelines (EMA, ICH/VICH, OECD, US FDA, ISO). We are closely connected with pharma and biomedicine industries in the Czech Republic, EU and non-EU countries.

Mission & vision

Our mission is to commit ourselves to help our clients to bring their ideas to market keeping strict compliance with scientific and business ethics

Our goal is to be recognized by clients as the acknowledged and trusted partner in the field of drug development whose strength is strong team of experts, high professional standard, flexibility and strictly individual and friendly approach.

Our values are to strive for operational and service excellence through progress in science and expertise through close collaboration with the scientific community, ensuring quality and continually enhancing client satisfaction with our services.

Main activities

Non clinical R & D related to ophthalmic diseases, contact dermatitis, osteoarthritis, non-clinical development of vaccines

Comprehensive non-clinical and toxicological program for assessment of human/veterinary drugs, vaccines, biological products, medical devices and food/feed additives (EMA/ICH/FDA/ISO), chemical substances and preparations (ECHA)

Animal models of selected human diseases

Breeding of laboratory animals (Beagle dogs)

Organization chart


CEO: Jan Zábský (zabsky(at)

CFO: Eugeniusz Szturc (szturc(at)

CSO: Lukáš Reček (recek(at)

CBO: Ivana Šurová (surova(at)meditox)

Quality Assurance Unit:

Head of QAU: Kateřina Ptáčková (ptackova(at)

Scientific Advisors:

Dr Ladislav Novotny, MVDr, MSc, PhD, FRCPath CertAqV Dipl. ECAAH MRCVS (specialized in veterinary pathology and histopathology)

Jiří Beránek, DVM, PhD. (Veterinary Clinic specialized in eye diseases Pardubice, Board Member of European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmologists)

Prof. MUDr. Ivo Steiner, PhD. (Appointed professor of pathology at Charles University, Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Králové)

MVDr. Martin Faldyna, PhD. (Veterinary Research Institute, Brno, Czech Republic)

Doc. MUDr Ladislav Hess, DrSc. (Institut of Clinical and Experimental Medicine)

Doc. MVDr. Michal Vlašín, PhD. (Queens Veterinary School Hospital University of Cambridge)